Vertical-rail system

Reducing Service Calls

This mechanism, a robot, is developed in Japan with a cutting-edge technology calculating meticulously all mechanical movements before taking the product with the catcher and delivering it in the most accurate way possible.

We contribute to the future
of a safer and more beautiful Earth.

Based on the Environmental Chapter of Sanden Corporation,
we fully understand that preserving the Earth’s environment is
the most important shared responsibility of mankind.

Modular System

For solving the problem of narrow passages

The Modular G-Snack / G-Drink DESIGN is developed to overcome the hassle of a narrow doorway.
The mechanical part of the unit can be easily separated from the electronic one: this reduces the main cabinet by 20 cm!!

Table Top Espresso

A flavored moment of the day

The state-of-the-art Coffee Server by SandenVendo makes the
coffee-making and serving ritual a very special experience.

Delivering global excellence

Sanden International (Europe) Ltd in Europe has been advancing the vending industry for many decades and is a powerful partner for excellence in quality, reliability and service.